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A solution that goes wherever you go

All the Aquassist solution at your fingertips!

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Manage your work

Manage work orders, gather real-time analysis results, oversee customer chemical product inventories, and produce visit reports directly on-site.


Manage your customers

Find, access and manage all your customer sites.


Launch your analyses

Connect to your tools and automatically launch analyses on Aquassist devices directly from the app.

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Manage your work

and appointements

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Offline mode

(no internet)

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Connect with Aquassist devices

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description_black_24dp (9) 1.png

Prepare reports in a few clics

Aquassist by your side, every step of the way


Proactive prediction with customized graphics interpretation and accelerated problem detection.


Interpret the results of your measures and analyses. Control and make recommendations and inform the customer to keep is environment secured and compliant to building regulations.


Simple training, rapid onboarding, ideal for new staff members.


Complete your visit by a writen report.

“With the Aquassist app, we are able to save more time and the connected devices have allowed us to help streamline our water testing process. It gives me peace of mind that the test data is accurate.“ 

- Bryan Ho, Lead Hand

Markham District Energy

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Download the Aquassist app now

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